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Hello there! I’m Laura. Where there’s coffee, late nights, or anything to do with C.S. Lewis, I won’t be far away. For as long as I can remember I have loved people and the memories made with them. Photography turned out to be a perfect combination of the two. And oh, I love a good picture.

 I was homeschooled, which was the bomb. My love of cameras began when my family bought our first digital point-and-shoot; I proceeded to chase around my forgiving friends with my attempts to “photo-document” every gathering and event.

 In 2011, I graduated from the New York Institute of Photography’s 270-hour professional photography course. My dad was the brains behind the idea of starting a business together, and in 2012, we launched “LaPrise Photography and Design”. Turns out we’ve been a good balance for each other in our various photographic endeavors: he’s typically the one with the right flash settings and extra batteries, while I’m typically the one sprawled out under the chairs trying to get a perfect angle in the moment. This website is designed to be my side of the portfolio.

 The name Dust & Rainbows comes from a poem by Langston Hughes. It speaks truth in the world of photography, and I think to the rest of life as well. Dust and darkness are here, but without them, beauty couldn’t shine so brightly.

 So stay a while. Browse my snapshots of life on this planet. And drop me a line to say hello! I would love to meet you and put my camera at your service.